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Chile – San Pedro de Atacama, Day 2


Many people avoid Chile when visiting South America, or just give Santiago a token visit before flying away. Reasons are usually that it’s too expensive or too far out of the way. I think it’s because people are idiots. This was day two in San Pedro de Atacama. All photos are taken with a ‘camera.’

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Chile – San Pedro de Atacama

Usually I consider photo essays to be very lazy and uninspired when a travel writer just posts a series of photos up and think they’re being creative. The only thing more boring is a photo essay about food (fucken oath, right?). But when it comes to San Pedro de Atacama in northern Chile words don’t do it justice. Nothing irritating or amusing happened, I just spent two days in jaw-dropped awe of the place, roaming around lost in the scenery before being shepherded back in to the mini-van to go to another equally spectacular setting.

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Venezuela – Voluntarily Stupid



I had to re-evaluate my decision to volunteer in the Venezuelan jungle as I dragged half a tree through deep swamp, the bark scratching against my sweaty, dirty, shirtless skin and providing a bridge for some of the region’s more rare and interesting insects to cross onto my body and interact with the mosquitoes already there, unable to be swatted away due to the weight of the wood I was painstakingly trying to keep up. All this for firewood.

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Bolivia – High Altitude Can Go Fuck Itself


La Paz sits at 3, 650 meters elevation as the highest capital city in the world. Potosi is 4, 090 meters in the sky. Lake Titicaca is apparently the world’s highest lake at 3, 811, and if you climb the hill overlooking the lakeside town of Copacabana you’ll be gasping for breath a lot higher up than that. Most of Bolivia is basically in the clouds. It makes it all sound appealing and somewhat romantic and magical, but what they fail to mention is how hard it is to breathe up there.

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Orinoco Delta



‘Okay, we swim here.’


‘Yes, this is a good spot to swim.’

It is a good spot – a wide bend in the river away from the overhanging jungle and a weak current underneath.

A toucan is perched on a branch high overhead and parrots screech as they glide across the blue sky. Out in the sun it’s hot; a sticky and humid tropical heat that makes the brown river water appealing. I just can’t help but think about the piranhas we were just catching upstream and the snakes that had been spotted in the thick mud on the banks. As far as I’m aware piranhas use their sharp, pointy teeth to eat the flesh of any living creature in the water. By fishing them we have proven they exist, and are possibly pissed off.