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What’s Guiding You?

I’ve been sensing a few grudges and a lot of ill-will towards travel guidebooks coming from the self-appointed ‘travelling elite’ such as professional travel bloggers and ex-pat tour guides who are basically guidebook writers themselves who would be desperate to get a fraction of the success of Lonely Planet.

San Pedro de Atacama, Chile

San Pedro de Atacama, Chile

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Bolivia – High Altitude Can Go Fuck Itself


La Paz sits at 3, 650 meters elevation as the highest capital city in the world. Potosi is 4, 090 meters in the sky. Lake Titicaca is apparently the world’s highest lake at 3, 811, and if you climb the hill overlooking the lakeside town of Copacabana you’ll be gasping for breath a lot higher up than that. Most of Bolivia is basically in the clouds. It makes it all sound appealing and somewhat romantic and magical, but what they fail to mention is how hard it is to breathe up there.

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Six Awful Toilets

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this is a nice toilet

It’s easy to get caught up in the excitement of hitting the road. By van or bus or strapping on your life in a backpack and going by foot. Every town and city, village, hamlet, reservation, township and pit-stop is going to offer adventurous food and curious drinks that will draw you in like a stupid fish to a rusty hook. Continue reading

my 5 worst cities in the whole entire world

I can’t be bothered counting how many cities I’ve been to. It’s 52 countries at the time of writing, so it’s a lot more cities than that. And it’s not fair doing a top 5 Worst Countries in the world because they can change so dramatically from town to town. A city is much easier to encapsulate as a backwater shit-hole. These are the top 5 memorably terrible places I have been, the ones that either made laugh in ridicule or genuinely feel pissed off at the whole place.

And it’s MY worst cities. I haven’t been to Port au Prince or Cleveland so I can’t really judge them. I have been to Adelaide, and despite popular opinion, it really isn’t that bad.

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things that are shit in general

I am fully aware that every time I quit my job, pack my bag and buy a plane ticket somewhere it is absolutely, solely, my decision. I am not forced into it and should have no complaints regarding any of the bi-products inherent in this selfish act of fulfillment. But this doesn’t mean I can’t find them slightly irritating and gripe and moan like a victim every once in a while. There are a few annoyances that stand out, particularly doing the backpacker circuit and having to live consistently in close quarters with other stingy, tired tourists often pretending to be polite to each other. These are six of them.

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