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Chile – San Pedro de Atacama, Day 2


Many people avoid Chile when visiting South America, or just give Santiago a token visit before flying away. Reasons are usually that it’s too expensive or too far out of the way. I think it’s because people are idiots. This was day two in San Pedro de Atacama. All photos are taken with a ‘camera.’

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Chile – San Pedro de Atacama

Usually I consider photo essays to be very lazy and uninspired when a travel writer just posts a series of photos up and think they’re being creative. The only thing more boring is a photo essay about food (fucken oath, right?). But when it comes to San Pedro de Atacama in northern Chile words don’t do it justice. Nothing irritating or amusing happened, I just spent two days in jaw-dropped awe of the place, roaming around lost in the scenery before being shepherded back in to the mini-van to go to another equally spectacular setting.

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