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Mexico – $42 for a spew on a boat

While aesthetically pleasing Tulum was a quiet town bereft of stimulation during the day. After a lack of culture and recreation beyond drinking in Cancun it was decided that a fishing trip would suffice as an acceptable activity before heading back to the bottle. It was a perfect idea; several hours on the sea, reel in a few barracudas and feed the entire hostel that night.


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Six Awful Toilets

iphone 243

this is a nice toilet

It’s easy to get caught up in the excitement of hitting the road. By van or bus or strapping on your life in a backpack and going by foot. Every town and city, village, hamlet, reservation, township and pit-stop is going to offer adventurous food and curious drinks that will draw you in like a stupid fish to a rusty hook. Continue reading

Central America

I knew nothing about Central America before I went there. There were two countries I had never even heard of, one I only knew because they had qualified for the World Cup and another famous for a canal and nothing else. It’s a neglected and ignored place, a tiny bridge between two continents that’s been ravaged and pillaged by wars and natural disasters in equal measure.

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Mexico: Cancun is a Whore


Cancun is disgusting. It is America’s prostitute. Its high rise hotels and nightclubs is a smearing of make-up on a once naturally beautiful face. Americans fly in: they throw money at it; use it; and leave, giving it just enough time to reapply some lipstick and spread its legs for the next wave of cashed-up tourists.

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