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Panama – Panama City

Panama City's New Town

Panama City’s New Town

If ever a city embodied the contrast of Central America’s past and possible future it is Panama City, Panama. Stand in the middle of the Avenue Balboa Рthe main throughway hugging the water of Bahia de Panama Рand look right; you see the colonial past of Casco Viejo. Look left and you could be forgiven for thinking you were in Dubai, with a multitude of high rise buildings shooting skywards at a rapid rate as retired Americans and foreign investors move in.

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Central America

I knew nothing about Central America before I went there. There were two countries I had never even heard of, one I only knew because they had qualified for the World Cup and another famous for a canal and nothing else. It’s a neglected and ignored place, a tiny bridge between two continents that’s been ravaged and pillaged by wars and natural disasters in equal measure.

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